Concert Posters

Grateful Dead "Fare Thee Well" Poster

We love the creative projects! A custom star-spangled mat paired with a skull frame and Museum glass for a show-stopping look.



Original Soundgarden Poster

With colors like these, a triple mat combination was the only sensible way to go. The deep blue and iridescent texture of the top mat along with a frame finished in metallic car paint from Direct created a mood that matched the night scene. 


Signed Colorado Rising Poster United Way

United Way needed this autographed Colorado Rising concert poster framed for a charity auction so we didn't hold back! One frame didn't do the print justice so we used three, Havana by Max on the inside and outside to play up the wonderful blues and a modified Guerrini frame in the middle to really set the red off.


Limited Edition Tool Posters 

When Tool performed at Red Rocks on back to back nights they released a limited edition print for each show. Since these were going to hang next to each other we wanted to frame them in a way that was unique to each piece and  still feel like an inseparable pair. These step frames with gilded silver from Roma were the perfect choice and the conservation clear glass and art-care backing will keep these signed prints looking great for life! 


Widespread Panic Concert Poster

The ornate Fotiou frame that we chose for this Widespread Panic poster had silver in the finished which set off the metallic inks used in the print making it impossible not to catch your eye. 


The Grateful Dead, Fare Thee Well

This is a beautiful example pf a custom mat to match the graphics in the poster. Framed with a Larson Juhl frame and Museum glass gives the illusion of no glass and 99% UV filtering to protect the print from fading.


The Who And The Grateful Dead

We can't imagine a better combination of frames for this concert poster! The customer was particularly concerned about the preservation and protection of this poster. It is sandwiched between archival backing and glass with spacers to keep the glass from touching the art. There are no hinges or adhesives on the artwork, ensuring complete reversibility. Museum glass completes the framing with maximum UV protection and a reflection-free appearance.


Jimi Hendrix Poster

A bright metal frame inside of a 3 inch wide espresso colored frame, accents the incredible colors throughout this poster. 


Devotchka Poster

This shimmering black frame and electric pewter frame (both by Roma Moulding) paired together make for an exquisite frame for this Devotchka poster. We were extremely pleased with the result and the customer could not have been happier!



3D Holographic Furthur Poster

Another very fun and creative double frame combination for this holographic poster!