Shadow Boxes


Albums from the 1940s

These mementos from the customer's grandparents and parents are preserved and presented in true 1940s style, with an art deco custom mat in two tones of tweed and a sleek black frame.


Rabbit Pelt Family Heirloom

This unique family heirloom truly tells a story. Our goal with every framing project is to showcase and preserve that story with creative and archival framing so that it will be cherished and passed on to the next generation.


Arrowhead Shadowbox With Double Frame

After spending years in a cigar box these artifacts are now displayed for the family to enjoy in their home. Delicately mounted, the archival glue and felt used to attach the arrowheads to the silk mat dissolves by soaking the stone in water. Staggering the custom design of the mat gave the arrowheads a place to sit back from the glass and took advantage of the deep double frame combination from Larson Juhl. The end result was a contemporary western feel that we couldn't be happier with!



Photo, Ring, Cup and Book

A simple and elegant way to preserve, protect and display valuable pieces of family history. Meticulously mounted, each item is attached using archival and completely removable materials. 



Orthoceras Object Shadowbox Framing

We combined three different, textural mats and an exaggerated window opening to highlight the unique features of these fossils. Everything we frame here is preserved and protected using the best materials in the industry, including the completely removable adhesive holding these fossils in place. 


Marble Ring from Vietnam Silk Shadowbox

This beautiful piece traveled a long way and is now protected inside an elegant custom shadowbox. We hand-crafted a three prong holder out of copper and silver to inconspicuously and securely hold this 4-inch stone in place without adhesives. A hand-wrapped silk box slopes gently towards the center and accentuates the natural green and browns that snake throughout the marble.


Benchmark Shadowbox

These geological survey benchmarks from five of Colorado's 14ers were set inside mountain cutouts designed on our computerized mat cutter. A topographical map was used for the background and inside edges of the frame creating depth. The rustic wood frame is one of our new favorites from Larson Juhl. 


Toucan Puzzle

These customers love color and gave us free reign to get crazy creative. We used a green suede mat, Bella frame and our computerized mat cutter to create a playful and bright tree top home for this bird puzzle.


Hand Wrapped Fabric Mat Shadow Box

This delicate piece of ocean coral was framed ina 1.5” tall rustic silver shadowbox frame by Fotiou. No adhesive was used to attach the coral. It is carefully and inconspicuously attached to a hand wrapped silk mat that encloses the entire inside of the shadow box. Museum glass protects the pieces without obscuring the fine details and the shadows the coral creates. 


Shadowbox With Fillet Spacer

We used a wide fillet as a spacer in this gorgeous silver leaf frame, creating a one-of-a-kind shadowbox. The three silver crosses from Ethiopia are attached without adhesive to a hand-mounted silk. The anti-reflective qualities of Museum Glass does not distract from all of the exquisite details.   


Dissection Kit

This dissection kit was a memento from the customer's mother. We decided to give it a feminine feel by floating it on a beautiful silk mat with an elegant frame, and finishing it off with museum glass for a flawless look. We couldn't be happier with the result and neither could the customer!  


Branding Iron

This open shadow box was created as a special way to store and display an old branding iron. The iron is hung on hook over a leather background and surrounded by a frame that has an iron-like texture and color. The iron's unique insignia is branded at the bottom and there is no glazing over this piece so that the customer can remove the iron at any time. 


Sarcophagus 3D Display

We didn't want to hide any detail of this ceramic sarcophagus, so we created a custom 3D display case for it using a plexi-box, frame, fillet, and gold mat. A very elegant and monumental display for a piece that is very valuable to the customer. 


Multi-opening Shadowbox

This shadow box incorporated multiple mats to create a colorful and playful display of this collection of memorabilia.   


Railroad Spike and Photo Combined

This piece was framed for local photographer Neil Corman. The old railroad spike was collected during the recent Tennyson Street excavation and presented along with Neil's photograph of the unearthed railroad. We chose a frame that was deep enough to accomodate an inset box for the spike, which is inconspicuously held in place with mylar strips. We put a layer of dirt on the base of the box and covered the opening with museum quality plexi so that any further decay and dust from the old spike would go unnoticed. 


Shadow Box Framing Of Sharks Jaws

Both sharks jaws were framed with mylar strips to hold them in place and are completely reversible.  We added sand at the bottom of the larger shadow box to disguise any flaking of the jaw over time.   We love the result!


Polar Bear Claw Shadow Box

We created this small shadowbox with multple layers of mat board cut in the pattern of a bears paw print. It's function is both practical and aesthetic, adding a cool graphic element to the whole piece and space for the curve of the claw. We added Museum Glass and a lovely deep frame from Larson Juhl.  The customer loved the result. 


Miniatures Under Plexi

This silly gag gift for someone's 50th birthday was a lot of fun to frame!


Fly Fisherman's Shadow Box

This tiny delicate fish hook is attached simply by pushing the hook through the matboard, without adding adhesives or other damaging products. We used 8 layers of matboard to create a small but deep opening for the hook to rest. Museum Glass provides the best protection and visibility. 


Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

A child's paper mache piece mounted to a matboard and framed with a custom plexiglass box.  A plexi box is a great option for three-dimensional artwork or memorabelia, allowing visibility from all sides and endless frame options.