Over here in our neighborhood, dogs rule.

Metro Frame Works is definitely dog-friendly, particularly if you're a greyhound.  

We're proud to support FORG (Friends of Retired Greyhounds), a wonderful organization that helps these 45 mph couch potatoes find a place to hang out once their racing days are over.


Lucy, the newest and youngest addition to our team of adorable greyhounds.

stuff 108.jpg

Gracie reclining on the couch.

On the last day of summer, our Grand Dame, Gracie the Greyhound, departed. At well more than 15 years, Gracie's life was beyond amazing. No creature--two legs or four--so embodied the spirit that is Metro Frame Works.

milo art.jpg

Milo's favorite Chris Vance piece.

Milo left us on February 6, 2014 after 115 artwalks.  We will miss him.